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Your Roadmap to Financial Health & Wellbeing.


  • Overview
    • Financial Wellness Assessment
    • Access to Financial Education Modules
    • Your Own Financial Coach
    • Financial Goal Setting


    The EmpowerME! Financial Wellness Program was designed to help you improve your financial health and achieve your financial goals. As a member of this program you will have access to a variety of tools and resources along with a personal financial wellness coach to help you along your journey!

    To be successful, you will be asked to provide your commitment and your patience as we work to help you achieve positive financial change in your life.

    LifeCents Financial Tool

    We’re proud to announce that we have partnered with LifeCents, a financial wellness platform that inspires AND empowers you to improve your financial health and well-being.

    With the knowledge and resources the LifeCents web app provides, you’ll learn good behaviors that can instantly change your life.

    Click here to learn more!

    Financial Coaches

    When you join the EmpowerMe! program, you will be assigned a financial coach who will help guide you through every step to gaining your financial independence.

    EmpowerMe! Checking

    The EmpowerMe! checking account was created to help members start their financial journey or get it back on track.

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    "They have helped me reach financial freedom. Fast friendly service. Very understanding. They help with questions that I don't understand."

    Trisha C.
  • LifeCents





    • Better understand your current financial situation
    • Improve your financial situation
    • Get suggestions to help achieve your financial goals
    • Learn sound financial principles
    • Build habits that lead to sustained financial health

    Get a personalized Financial Wellness “Playbook” which summarizes your financial health in four key areas:

    Your Playbook also has recommendations on the next steps you can take to improve your financial health and will stay updated as you continue your journey towards better financial health.

    Get started today on your road to gaining financial knowledge towards a financially free future. Scan or click the QR code below to be taken to the LifeCents web app.

  • Financial Resources
  • Member Success Stories

    Below is a list of members who found their financial independence through the EmpowerMe! program.


    Megan & Jeff



  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are four main qualifications for the EmpowerMe Financial Program:

    • Have a direct deposit to your account at Astera CU
    • Have internet access to be able to access the Money EDU program
    • You are willing to sign a commitment form so you are as committed as your coach
    • You have the time to put into doing the tasks asked each week

    There are a multitude of factors that contribute to your credit score and each person will come into the program with their own unique financial history as a starting point. While we cannot guarantee a specific score upon completion of Empower Me, what we can promise is that by participating in the program you are giving yourself a chance to make a profound impact on your total financial wellbeing.  By learning about topics like credit and how to manage your money in conjunction with working with our coaches you will put yourself in a position to see positive gains to your credit score!

    The program is designed to last about 12 months. We feel that this is the necessary timeframe to help build and reinforce positive money habits with your coach as well as this gives your credit score a chance to increase. That being said, you and your coach may decide after 12 months that there are still goals you are working towards and you would like to keep working together so the length of time can be tailored to meet your specific financial situation.

    The EmpowerMe is completely free. There are a few requirements that must be met to stay in the program, but there is no cost to the member when joining into the EmpowerMe Financial Program.

    No, you do not. LifeCents is configured to allow you to go through the platform in the way that makes the most sense for you. You can access any resource available through the Resources section, accessible through the navigation bar on the left of the screen.

    LifeCents starts off with basic information about personal finances. Over time, the system uses your responses to make personalized recommendations for education and other resources that are the most relevant for you.

    Each time you use LifeCents, your progress will be saved. You can spend as much or as little time as you like in the system and pick up where you left off the next time you return.

    The information you enter into LifeCents is only ever used to help you get a holistic view of your financial health and to make better recommendations about helpful tools and resources. Your individual data will never be sold to third parties or used to try and sell you products.

    LifeCents is available to you as a free resource. You will never need to pay for access to LifeCents.

    LifeCents is accessible on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone through your internet browser. However, we recommend not using Internet Explorer to access LifeCents, as it does not always work as intended.

    LifeCents is a tool developed for individuals who are looking to get a better handle on their finances.

    This program helps ensure you have access to the resources and education most suited to your unique personal situation and needs.

    LifeCents is an online financial wellness platform that helps improve your financial knowledge, habits, and mindset. You can access LifeCents from anywhere at any time.

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