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Protect yourself, protect your finances.


At Astera, we want to protect your identity and most importantly, your bank account.


We also want to help educate you regarding the dangers of scams and fraudsters that are happening both in the United States and abroad. To do this, this section of our website is dedicated to arming you with information which can help prevent your money, personal information or even your identity from being stolen. Whether it is through email, telephone, or even your local ATM, the risk is everywhere. Below are different examples of common scams along with helpful tips to prevent you from becoming a victim.

Money mules are people who receive and transfer money obtained from victims of fraud. Some money mules know they’ve been recruited to assist criminal activity, but others become money mules without realizing their activity is benefiting fraudsters. Transferring money/valuables on behalf of others only benefits criminals and may lead to serious consequences for the “mule.” For more information, visit

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