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Star Saver Account

An account to help your kids learn healthy financial habits young.

Life lessons that matter

Start your kids off on the right foot and get them headed in the right, financial direction. Our Star Savers Youth Savings account will establish good savings habits to last them a lifetime. They’ll learn how interest works firsthand. Contribute as much and as often as they’d like, whether it’s for their first car or a solid safety net.

  • A savings account for members 14 years of age and younger
  • Earns higher dividends
  • Free eServices
  • Access to shared branching and 1000s of surcharge-free Co-Op ATMs
  • Zogo app for 13+ members (financial literacy app that rewards)


Welcome to the Astera Credit Union Coindexter Club.

The Coindexter Club makes it fun to learn about money with videos, games, quizzes and calculators that will put you on course to become a financial genius.

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