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GreenPath Financial Wellness

A benefit to help our members with their finances.

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    Life presents many challenges and offers a few bumps in the roads.

    Here at Astera we want to help you navigate these obstacles and build a strong financial future.

    This means making sure you budget, pay bills on time and pay down debt. To help provide a road map we’ve partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness.

    Through our trusted partnership, you have access to GreenPath’s financial experts and resources. The GreenPath Financial Wellness program provides free assistance to resolve your financial concerns.

    A certified financial counselor will take a comprehensive look at your situation and discuss available options to help you achieve your financial goals.

    Greenpath’s financial experts will:

    • Explore strategies to help you eliminate debt.
    • Develop a monthly spending plan based on your unique situation.
    • Review your credit report with you to understand how to read your credit report, manage your credit score, and dispute inaccurate information.
    • See if a Debt Management Plan (DMP) makes sense. DMPs may help stop collection calls, lower interest rates, and waive late fees.
    • Assistance with housing issues, including pre-purchase homebuyer preparation, reverse mortgage counseling, or foreclosure prevention.
    • Assistance with student loan repayment options and develop an action plan for moving forward.
    • Discuss all of your financial options, including the benefits and drawbacks of each.
    • Develop a customized action plan for getting back on track.


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