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At Astera, we want to protect your identity and most importantly, your bank account. We also want to help educate you regarding the dangers of scams and fraudsters that are happening both in the United States and abroad. To do this, this section of our website is dedicated to arming you with information which can help prevent your money, personal information or even your identity from being stolen. Whether it is through email, telephone, or even your local ATM, the risk is everywhere. Below are different examples of common scams along with helpful tips to prevent you from becoming a victim.

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Alert: New Spear Phishing Attack Using Social Security Numbers as Bait

There have been numerous reports of people receiving emails from trusted sources such as FedEx that contain their correct social security number. These emails are fraudulent and should be deleted! Do not click the links!

Spear phishing is a form of phishing that is targeted at the recipient and appears to come from a trusted sender. This new attack is made to look like it comes from FedEx, UPS, IRS, etc. The phishing emails include the targeted recipients name and Social Security number.

The links in the email take the recipient to a Google Docs page, to download and install malware. Essentially, this means that in these cases there is a reasonable probability of a malware infection that could potentially impact personal information.

  • Remember that Astera Credit Union as well as other trusted sources will NEVER send any personal identifiable information in an email.
  • If you feel the email is legitimate, call the company or visit their web site and log in to verify or provide the requested information. Do not click any links!

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List of Most Recent Scams

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  • If you feel you have been a victim to fraud please call us to review your account.
  • Make sure you monitor your accounts regularly for any suspicious activity.
  • Become Astera Secure for our top of the line security for your checking accounts.

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