Shared Branching

Shared Branching

Now you don't have to fret over being caught out of town without access to your credit union. Astera is part of a network of credit unions across the U.S. you can visit whenever you travel.

Simply use the convenient CO-OP online credit union locator to find one near you! You can expect the same stellar service you would receive if you were at home.


  • Access over 5,000 credit unions all over the United States
  • Enjoy the same service as you would at Astera, even while traveling
  • Bring the following with you when you visit an in-network credit union:
  • Valid government issued ID
  • Astera account number
  • Several easy ways to find the nearest branch
  • Online credit union locator
  • Credit union app
  • By text
  • By calling 1-888-SITE CO-OP