Chip Cards

Chip Cards (EMV Technology)

What is a chip card?

A chip card (EMV technology) is a global standard for credit cards and debit cards that use computer chips to authenticate (and secure) chip card transactions. Each card has a microchip that stores and protects your information better than before, making fraud and identity theft more difficult than ever.

What makes chip cards more secure?

The simple answer is the microchip in chip cards. Account information stored on these cards is encrypted uniquely each time it is accessed. Because of the unique encryption, this makes it much more difficult to be counterfeited.

What are the differences between chip cards and the magnetic stripe cards?

The biggest difference between a chip card and a magnetic stripe card is the increased security you get from the chip. Magnetic stripes can be copied and transferred to fraudulent cards. Chip cards store your information in a much more secure way, making it more difficult for fraudsters to steal.

Is there any difference when shopping with this card?

The only difference you will experience with your new chip card is how you pay. If the merchant you are shopping with has upgraded their payment terminal to accept chip cards, rather than swiping your card as you have done in the past, you will now insert your chip card into the slot at the bottom of the terminal. Please note, payment terminals vary, so be sure to follow the on screen-prompts or ask the retailer for guidance.

What do I do if the payment terminal isn't upgraded to accept my chip card?

If a retailer hasn't updated their payment terminal, you will conduct the transaction as a magnetic stripe transaction.

What will this cost me to switch?

There is no cost to you to switch! In fact, Astera is already mailing out your new chip card now!

When can I expect to receive my new chip card?

Astera chip cards are rolling out now! Please allow 2-3 weeks for yours to come in the mail.

Will I be getting different card numbers?

The 16 digital number on your debit card will remain the same, but your expiration date and three digit security code will change. Any scheduled payments you have set up using your debit card will need to be adjusted.

What should I do if I have questions?

As always, our member specialists are ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Stop by any of our branches to speak with a member specialist directly, or call us at 517-323-3644 to speak with us over the phone.