We know life can get hectic when juggling all of life's obligations. To help make things easier for our members, we offer the Skip-a-Pay Program, so you can put more money towards trips, bills, or other expenses that may have popped up. There is a modest fee of $30 for each approved Skip-a-Pay.

As long as the program qualifications are met, you are allowed a payment skip at any point in the year, once every 12 months.

Access the PDF form here.

If you are having trouble making your full payment on time, please contact the Loss Prevention Department at (517) 323-3644.

To participate in the Skip-a-Pay Program:

1) Your Astera Membership must be in good standing, meaning all Astera loans must be current, with no collection actions pending; your account must not be overdrawn; and you must have sufficient funds to cover the $30 application fee.

2) You must submit a Skip-a-Pay Application, Disclosure, and Agreement. It must be received before the loan payment due date for the month being skipped.

3) Your loan must have been open for at least 6 (six) months.

4) Your loan must not have been granted an extension during the past 12 months.

A $30 application fee will be applied for each approved payment skip and will be withdrawn from your Astera Credit Union account at the time of approval. Skipping a payment extends the term of your loan and interest will continue to accrue. Mortgage, home equity, and business loans are not eligible. A separate Skip-a-Pay Application must be submitted for each loan on which you would like to skip a payment. Payments generated by you via bill payment service, ACH initiated at another institution, or similar will be your responsibility to stop during the Skip-a-Pay month. Payments made by direct deposit or payroll deduction will be transferred into your share savings account. Credit insurance products (Credit Life, Disability and GAP) may be affected by Skip-a-Payment. That is, you may have a balance remaining which will not be covered by insurance (should you have a claim) as a result of skipped payments.. Updated 7/14/16.