Home Mortgage Loans

Home Mortgage Loans

Wouldn't it be nice to stop throwing your money away on rent and start building equity in your own home? Astera offers low-rate home mortgage loans, so you can start calling your own place "home" sooner than later.

We process loans in-house, so you won't have to wait weeks for an approval. Our stellar loan officers will be there to guide you through every step. Contact us today!


  • Build equity in your home in Michigan, instead of paying rent to a landlord
  • We offer free quick pre-qualifications for accurate budget shopping
  • Choose from a variety of mortgage loan financing options
  • In-house processing ensures fast approvals and efficient processing
  • Personal attentive service from start to closing
  • Talk to an Astera expert lender today to get started

For more information please contact our mortgage expert

Ryan Maloney - Mortgage Origination Officer


Mortgage/Equity Line


NMLS Registry Information for Mortgage Loan Originators

  • Jane Woods: 1243638
  • Kelly Arnold: 1353195
  • Trevor Hollis: 1368935
  • Chelse Merkel: 1221159
  • Liz Beal: 537559
  • Ryan Maloney: 435856
  • Ryan Johnston: 603809
  • Peter Terry: 216479
  • Amy Clark: 1479571

Mortgage Disclosure

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