Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan

Taking out a home equity loan can mean the difference between getting by and going bankrupt. Turn to the equity you've built in your home to finance those major expenses and keep your hands off your savings and emergency accounts.

Astera is proud to offer competitive rates and easy ways to make payments. If you're looking for something more flexible, like a line-of-credit, we offer those, too. An Astera lender will be happy to talk with you about which equity loan best suits your needs.


  • Use the equity in your own home to pay major expenses
  • Competitive rates
  • Lines of credit also available
  • Use what you need, as you need it, without having to reapply
  • In-house processing ensures fast approvals and efficient processing
  • Personal attentive service right here in Michigan

For more information please contact us at 517-323-3644

NMLS Registry Information for Mortgage Loan Originators

  • Phil Collins: 483283
  • Peter Terry: 216479
  • Ryan Maloney: 435856
  • Jane Woods: 1243638
  • Debi Sackrider: 1585563
  • Kelly Arnold: 1353195
  • Alyshia Coburn: 1595343
  • Chelse Merkel: 1221159
  • Dianna Smith: 644132
  • Liz Beal: 537559
  • Amy Clark: 1479571
  • Ryan Johnston: 603809
  • Trevor Hollis: 1368935
  • Danette Winans: 1574512

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