About Us

Our Promise

We promise to:

•Provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable service experience at every touch point.

•Serve as a trusted partner to identify your financial needs and provide solutions.

•Treat you with the courtesy and respect deserving of an owner.

Where We Began

A little insight into how Astera Credit Union was formed. . .

Sixty-five years ago, John Tome watched with sadness as his co-workers lost homes, cars and furnishings to their lenders during a work stoppage at Fisher Auto Body. He quickly learned that there wasn't a credit union that the workers could turn to in their time of need. John immediately contacted president of UAW Local 602, Tom Eno, to express his dismay over the situation and suggest they organize a credit union. With the help of Archie Perry, Bill Ingram, Steve Gmazel and others, they proceeded with chartering a credit union.

How We Got Here

On January 8th, 1949 charter #6016 was granted to the Lansing Fisher Federal Credit Union. The following are the original members to sign it--Rudolf Glasier, John Tome, Kenneth D. Smith, J.B. Eno, Archie Perry, Richard C. Johnson, Harold Williams, Edmond Cambell and Bill Ingram. Each of these members subscribed to one, $5.00 share. At that time, the credit union started operating out of John Tome's residence on Olds Avenue in Lansing with just a handful of members. Many members who worked at Fisher Body took advantage of the payroll deduction system which consisted of John walking the factory floor taking change to deposit for them. This all had to be done by hand! At the end of 1950, assets totaled $16,709.66 with 301 members.

The credit union operated out of the Tome's home for many years until Auto Body Credit Union moved to a building at 320 Clare Street (it's now the Communications Workers Local 4040). In 1968, the Main Office was built at 111 S. Waverly Road. In 1975, the East side addition of Main Office was completed and then leased out.

The Big Merge

In 1981, Auto Body Credit Union merged with Co-Op Credit Union at 5218 S. Logan Street and the South Branch was born. After 2 years, the South Office was moved to the location of 5210 S. Cedar Street. In 2004, a new branch. In 1986, a third branch was started at 2010 N Larch Street and has since moved to its current location 14049 Lindsey Lane in

Dewitt, MI . In 2008 Auto Body Credit Union merged with Auto Body Workers Credit Union of Ionia and we gained our first branch in Ionia County, MI. In April of 2012, Astera opened its first in-store branch in Greenville, MI. In January of 2013, Astera relocated the members service functions of its Waverly location to a new branch on Saginaw Hwy., while retaining the Waverly location for administrative functions.

Moving Forward

On April 4, 2011 Auto Body Credit Union changed its name to Astera Credit Union.

Name changes for the credit union have also occurred. You can see and appreciate the history of your credit union!

  • 1-8-49 Lansing Fisher Federal Credit Union
  • 4-1-49 Lansing Fisher Employees Federal Credit Union
  • 6-5-56 Auto-Body Employees Federal Credit Union
  • 6-21-65 Auto Body Federal Credit Union
  • 1-12-68 Auto Body Credit Union (no longer federally chartered)
  • 4-4-11 Astera Credit Union